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Saying that "supporting women's right and the right to life movement is impossible" is a logical fallacy. I'm not impressed with the leftist logic on tumblr. Not impressed. ...or in practice, really, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Expect a helluva lotta political commentary.

I only have a mild cursing problem if you think cursing is a problem.

I'm here to answer any questions you may have about a wide variety of subjects; to be a rock and a light. I refuse to be cruel in speaking the truth.

You know what’s funny?

Peter Singer, professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, is pro-animal rights but also pro-choice.

Because animals are living beings with a right to life. But fetuses aren’t and don’t.


How does a professor of Bioethics at Princeton University come to that conclusion.



During an interview, Singer was asked, “Is there anything wrong with a society in which children are bred for spare parts on a massive scale?”

His answer: “No.”

1000000000000000000% done with everything and everyone on the planet.

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    NO, okay, just NO. This comes down to understanding Singer’s (extremist) philosophy. His understanding of rights (such...
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    I am actually going to go ahead and chalk this one up to the devil. That value of human life/morality thing man…
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